Dr.R.C.Maniyar Best Paper Awareded To. Dr. saurabh Shah At Saputara Gujarat State conference of Indian Psychiatry Society 2011     

Dr.R.C.Maniyar Best Paper Awareded To. Dr. saurabh Shah At Saputara Gujarat State conference of Indian Psychiatry Society 2011. " Delirium under diagnosed in Geriatric medically ill."

   Best paper in free paper session     

Association of social anxiety disorder with depression and quality of life among medical undergraduate students 

By Dr. Imran Ratnani And Dr. Smruti Karambelkar at annual conference of Indian Psychiatric Society Gujarat state branch at Ganpatiphule Maharastra 

in August 2014.





2. Rum ination Disord er in an A dult: A C ase R eport Ela v atsala S harm a

Deepak T iw ari Bharat P anchal ,Indian Psychiatric Society Western Zonal Branch

Volume 10, No.2, October 2009


1. Delirium in geriatric medically ill Deepak Tiwari, Bharat Panchal 

Jaladhi Trivedi, Saurabh Shah, Ela Sharma, Indian Psychiatric Society

Western Zonal Branch Volume 14, No.2, October 2012

   Research work on Hand     

(1) A Study of Eating disorders in college students

Dr. Deepak Tiwari, Dr. Renish Bhatt, Dr. Chintan Raval,

Dr. Bharat Panchal, Dr. Ashok Vala, Dr. Saurabh Shah

(2) A Study of Premenstrual Syndrome in Nursing students

Dr. Chintan Raval, Dr. Deepak Tiwari,

Dr. Bharat Panchal, Dr. Ashok Vala

(3) A study of Nicotine Use in Indoor Psychiatric patients.

Dr. Chintan Raval, Dr. Deepak Tiwari, 

Dr. Bharat Panchal, Dr. Ashok Vala

   Conferences & CME Attended in 2012-13     

State level conference at Lonavala in Aug-2012. 

Dr. B.N. Panchal , Dr. Ashok Vala , Dr. Imran Ratnani , Dr. Meghana Mevada Dr. P. Ashwinth Jothy 


West zonal conference at Nasik in Oct-2012 

Dr. D.S. Tiwari, Dr. Chintan Raval, Dr. Meghana Mevada , Dr. Gunvant zinzala.


Anual National Conference At Bangalore in Jan-2013 

Dr. D.S. Tiwari , Dr. Imran Ratnani, Dr. Smruti karambelkar , Dr. Milan Sojitra 


Mid Term CME of west zone at Pune in June-2012

Dr. B.N. Panchal, Dr. Chintan Raval , Dr. Imran Ratnani , Dr. Renish Bhatt ,Dr. Gunvant Zinzala 


Second National Annual Conference at Goa in Oct-2012 

Dr. Imran Ratnani , Dr. P.Ashwinth Jothy


P.G. Development programme at Nagpure in Dec-2012 

Dr. Meghana Mevada , Dr. Smruti Karambelakar, Dr. Milan Sojitra 


Workshop on CBT at Mumbai in May-2012 

Dr. Imran Ratnani 


MET workshop at regional center Karmasad in April-2012 

Dr. D.S.Tiwari 


Training -cum Workshop of Counseling skills for Health professional at NIHFM -New Delhi in Feb 2013 

Dr. Ashok Vala

   Paper presentation     

Paper presentation on PMDD in West zone conference at Nasik , Oct-2012

By Dr. Chintan Raval

   Poster presentation     

Poster presentation on PMDD in Annual National Conference at Bangalore , Jan-2013 by Dr. D.S. Tiwari


Dr.B.N.Panchal - Co- author of knowledge and attitude about sexuality among medical students, journal of faily welfare ( 2008)


Effects Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder on Heart Rate Variability, 

Pravin Rabari, Manjula Jamliya, H.B.Mehta, Ashok Vala,P.H. Gandhi, Gunvant Zinzala .International Journal of Basic and Applied Physiology,Volume 2, Issue 1, December 2013, page 203-07


Typical neuroleptic malignant syndrome presented in patient on maintenance quetiapine,

Chintan Madhusudan Raval, Deepak Sachidanand Tiwari, Bharat Navinchandra Panchal, Ashok Ukabhai Vala, Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine,January-March 2014, page-88-90

Volume 36 | Issue 1