Sr. No Book Name Type Author Edition No. of pages No. of copy
1 Text book of anaesthesia Book AItken head 12
2 Anaesthesia Vol - i Book Miller 3
3 Anaesthesia Vol - ii Book Miller 2
4 Anaesthesia Vol - III Book Miller 1
5 Anaesthesai Vol - IV Book Miller 1
6 Anaesthesia Vol - V Book Miller 1
7 Anaesthesai Vol - VI Book Miller 1
8 Anaesthesia Vol - VII Book Miller 1
9 Anaesthesai Vol - VIII Book Miller 1
10 Pediatric anaesthesia Book Gregory 1
11 Key Questions in anaesthesia Book T.M. Craft & P. M. Upton
12 The history of anaesthesia Book J. Schulte am esch L. M. Goerig
13 Goodman & Gillmans The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics Text Book Goodman & Gillman 2
14 Drugs in Pregnancy & Lactation Reference Book Gerald G Briggs, Roger K Freeman, Sumner J Yafee VI 2
15 Essentials Of Medical Pharmacology Text Book K. D. Tripathi IV 3
16 Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics Text Book Satoskar RS 17 2
17 Conns Current Therapy Reference Book Rakel Bope 1
18 Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment Reference Book Lawrence M. 1
19 Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine Volume 2 Reference Book Harrison 15 1
20 Davidsons Principles and Practice of Medicine Text Book Davidson 19 1
21 Small Animal Drug Handbook Reference Book 1
22 Clinical Pharmacology Text Book Benette 9TH 1
23 Pharmacology Text Book Bhattacharya, Sen & Ray II 1
24 Designing Clinical Research Reference Book Stephen B. Hulley II 1
25 Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference Reference Book 34 1
26 WHO Model Formulary - 2004 Reference Book 1
27 Textbook of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Principles & Practice Book Krishan Vij 2nd 1
28 Principles of Anatomy & Phsiology Book 1992
29 Principles Of Human Anatomy Book G.J.Toratora 5th 1989
30 Donald School of Ultrasound in Obstretics & Gynecology Journal
31 Journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine& Radiology Journal
32 Journal of Medical Physics Journal
33 International Journal of Perioperative Ultrasound & Applied Technologies Journal
34 Radiographics Journal
35 American Journal of Roentgenology Journal
36 Clinics of North American Radiological Society Journal
37 British Journal of Radiology Journal
38 Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine Journal
39 Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology Journal
40 Indian Journal of Virology Journal
41 Indian Journal of Applied Microbiology Journal
42 Indian journal of Pathology & Microbiology Journal
43 Tropical Parasitology Journal
44 International journal of Bacteriology Journal
45 Journal of clinical virology Journal
46 international journal of Infectious disease Journal
47 Online International journal of Microbiology Research Journal
48 International journal of current Microbiology & applied sciences Journal
49 National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology Journal
50 Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology Journal
51 Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology Advances Journal
52 Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal Journal
53 Indian Journal of Applied-Basic Medical Sciences Journal
54 Journal of physiology-Paris Journal
55 The journal of general Physiology Journal
56 International journal of physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology Journal
57 BMC physiology Journal
58 Open journal of molecular & integrative physiology Journal
59 International Journal Of Preventive Medicine Journal
60 International Journal of Public Health and Sustainable Development Journal
61 Annals of Tropical medicine and Public Health Journal
62 International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health Journal
63 Journal of Family and Community Medicine Journal
64 Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences Journal
65 Indian Journal of Community Medicine Journal
66 Healthline Journal
67 Indian journal of STDs and AIDS Journal
68 National journal of research in community Medicine Journal
69 national journal of clinical anatomy Journal
70 Journal of anatomical society of India Journal
71 National journal of basic medical science Journal
72 International journal of experimental and clinical anatomy Journal
73 American journal of anatomy Journal
74 European journal of anatomy Journal
75 Italian journal of anatomy and embryology Journal
76 International journal of anatomy and research Journal
77 American Journal of Biochemistry Journal
78 OMICS Publishing Group Journal
79 International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review Journal
80 African Journal of Biochemistry Research Journal
81 BMC Biochemistry Journal
82 Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry Journal
83 Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics Journal
84 Journal of Biological and Chemical Research Journal
85 East asian archives of Psychiatry Journal
86 Indian Journal of Psychiatry Journal