Selected Internaiton scholar for 2009-2010 from India    

as presenting India for 4 weeks training at Porto ,Europe under ESSKA ( European Sports Traumatology Surgery and Knee Arthroscopy )

   GOLD MEDALIST FOR M.S. ( ortho) from saurashtra univerisity in april 2007.    

   Dr.Ujjval H. Deliwala and Team got 2nd Prize in National conf. at Chennai    

National Award - 2nd Prize at Chennai in Sept.2010 at 9th Annual Congress of Indian Arthroscopy Society for Poster presentation on Arthroscopic Treatment of Popliteal Cyst.

   Best E poster Presentation at CCT 2015 bhavnagar    

prognosis of sort segment pedicle serew fixation without fusion in dorsolumbar number spine fracture

   Best Poster presentation at GOACON 2012 Daman    

Platelet rich plazma - intraarticular use after arthroscopy

   Best Poster presentation at GOACON 2012 Daman    

Platelet rich plasma-intraarticular use after arthroscopy




   Selection of III rd year Risidents of Orthoapedics from Gujarat at National meet    

Dr.Kalpesh Mehta and Dr.Vishal Mehta , Final year Residents doctors have been selected from Gujarat by Gujarat Orthopaeic Assoication on 6th September for IOACON , Indian orthopaedics Association - 2009 Conferrence to be held on 24th November,09




   Major Joint Replacement Surgeries, arthroscopy Surgeries, Spine surgeries,publications    

Orthopaedic departmnet is now successfully performing all types of basic and advanced hip , knee and elbow replacement surgeries. Basic arthroscopy has also gained good momentum.

We are also doing spine surgeries on routine basis.

Recently one original casae series and one case report from our department has been published in IMAGSB News bulletin Aug 2009 issue.



State of the art equipment for arthroscopy of major joints including Knee, Shoulder, Ankle.

Advanced arthroscopic procedures including

1. ACL reconstruction

2. Meniscal repair

3.Microfracture for cartilage defects

4. Bankarts repair for recurent dis location for Shoulder

5. Rotator cuff repair

   JOINT REPLACEMENT CLINIC :Hip ,Knee & Elbow    


Most Modern Operative Suite equipped with state of the art infrastructure with dedicated Operation Theatres with designed interiors, Centralised environment control, Hepa Filters, Pneumatic Instrumentation and conforming to the best

Focus on providing a close to zero infection rate backed up

Excellent postoperative pain management programme by efficient Anaesthsia Department staff.

Emphasis on early mobility and recovery of patients & reduced hospital stay.